Blacksheep Technology

Blacksheep Technology is different from other IT companies. They are fun to work with, and they explain things about our computers so we can understand. They are quick and reliable and don't overcharge. You can't go wrong with Blacksheep!


About Us - Why the Name "Blacksheep"?

We're often asked, "Why the name Blacksheep Technology?" Well, that's a fair question.

There were lots of names we talked about: We could have had a name like Technical Planet to make ourselves sound really big, and we talked about having one of those fresh newfangled names popping up everywhere. Something like Technicio, Technicant, or Technica. We changed our minds after trying to explain it to our moms. "I don't get it, honey...why is there an 'io' on the end?"

Then our marketing firm came to us with a name they really liked. They told us it would help us portray ourselves as a young, fun and entertaining company to work with. We'd become stars, big stars in the computer arena. The name they recommended guessed it.. The Blacksheep Boys!

Blacksheep TechnologyBlacksheep...Interesting...

We thought about it. Blacksheep. Interesting... A black sheep is different from all the rest, without apologies. It's nonconforming, unconventional, and often a bit eccentric. A black sheep is often on the edge, pushing the envelope to do what it's sure is right. It doesn't care what the other sheep are doing.

Something Completely Different

We started this company because we knew there were people just like you that were fed up and frustrated with the lack of options available when they wanted to fix or upgrade their computer or network. They didn't want or need another company just like all the rest...they needed something completely different.

So, Blacksheep Technology was the name we selected. And when we told our moms...well, let's just say they got it immediately.

Happy computing!

Billy and Keith