Blacksheep Technology

Blacksheep handles just about anything you need for your network and computers, whether at home or at the office! I was glad Blacksheep came to the rescue when my server went down. They saved the day!


Services - What Do We Do?

What do we do? You could do a Google search for networking companies, help desks, IT Support, laptop/ desktop repair, server installation, DSL, T1, spyware (let me catch my breath...) and read all that geek talk from the other companies. Let us save you some time - we not only do what the others claim they do, we do it in a much cooler way. Cheaper, faster, better, and without the magic tricks that translate into big invoices. Why do we do this? Because we ARE cool.

Here's Our List...

For those of you who insist on a list…here is a brief overview of our services!